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Green Magazines is the media platform for Organic Lifestyle Magazine (OLM) and Green Lifestyle Magazine (G-Life).


OLM and G-Life are page-turning, issue by issue digital magazines. Our publications combine the benefits of a news website, a blog, and a print publication all rolled into one, and they are the only page turning online publications that are truly social media compatible.




We are looking for ethically minded businesses interested in supporting the organic and green lifestyle movements. If you are interested in sponsoring Organic lifestyle Magazine and Green Lifestyle Magazine, and reaching more than 150,000 unique visitors a month, consider a sponsorship opportunity with Green Magazines.


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If you are interested in writing for Organic Lifestyle Magazine and/or Green Lifestyle Magazine, we encourage you to read our current and past issues and our editorial calendar.  Please note that few of our articles are written from first person perspective.  We publish timeless information, not sensationalized entertainment. Accuracy and integrity are essential. At this time, we offer no compensation. 


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