The Platform

Green Magazines is the media platform for Organic Lifestyle Magazine (OLM) and Green Lifestyle Magazine (G-Life).


OLM and G-Life are page- turning, issue by issue digital magazines. Our publications combine the benefits of a news website, a blog, and a print publication all rolled into one, and they are the only page turning online publications that are truly social media compatible.

 The user experience of OLM and G-Life is different from other online page-turning magazines, in that our publications are designed for the internet. There is no scrolling up and down or zooming in and out to read text. We do not use flash, so search engines see each and every word as HTML code.


This is the future of online magazines.



It's more than our platform that sets us apart. OLM and G-Life are two publications that do not tilt at windmills. We will tackle any story with honesty and integrity with no influence from advertisers or social circumstances.

The majority of our articles are informative and/or hard hitting. We don't do fluff. Every single product review is an honest and accurate assessment of our experience.

OLM and G-Life will not "sell out". We will never take any money to put a positive spin on a product review. We will never shy away from what we believe to be the truth. We will tackle any subject with the same integrity. This is our promise to our readers.



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